Undergraduate Teaching

The Division contributes to the teaching for the Veterinary Medicine Curriculum, in particular:

2 nd year: Immunology: Hypersensitivity reactions
Molecular Genetics: Prion diseases of animals

3 rd year: Neuropathology

Virology: viral diseases in humans;
infections in dogs with focus on canine distemper virus

4 th year: Clinical Immunology

All information regarding the studies in Veterinary Medicine at the Vetsuisse Faculty can be found on the Faculty site

Continuing Education

We offer qualified continuing education:

  • Training in Neuropathology
    • Annual ESAVS courses in neuropathology
    • Weekly seminars/rounds for ECVP and ECVN residents
    • Internships
    • Residency in coordination with the Institute of Animal Pathology (ITPA)

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